Coronavirus and thought analysis

39 Pages PDF. Free download here: Coronavirus and mind analysis a self-training

The Coronavirus

You don’t know exactly what it does, you don’t know how long it takes, you don’t know what the consequences are.

You do not know.

Not knowing is one of the causes of anxiety.

Gedachten Analyse Programma (GAP) is a tool to deal with fears differently.

Thoughts are fear. The feeling shapes the world of experience

This self-training was made by us to provide a tool to visualize the thought processes that play a role in feelings of anxiety. This tool provides an opportunity to exert more influence on these thought processes.

A lot is coming our way
We are very much in our heads to process all that and give it a place. Thinking about it is a big part of our experience and sometimes there is only one choice and that is how you deal with a situation.

The experiences with the recognition of the core thoughts are mainly based on feelings of fear when applying for a job, threatened dismissal, a performance appraisal, etc. All very different situations than those currently in play. Fear of the Coronavirus and its consequences. Different situations, but with the same thought patterns.

That is the reason for us to develop this self-training. It is an aid. No more and no less.

Coronavirus en gedachtenanalyse

39 Pagina’s PDF.

Hier vrij te downloaden: Coronavirus en gedachtenanalyse een zelftraining 39 pagina’s PDF.

Het Coronavirus

Je weet niet precies wat het doet, je weet niet hoe lang het duurt, je weet niet wat de gevolgen zijn.

Je kunt het niet weten.

Het niet weten is één van de oorzaken van angstgevoelens.

Het Gedachten Analyse Programma van de school voor praktische menskunde is een hulpmiddel om anders met angsten om te gaan.

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